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can they be easily tested for bad ones on the 6.0L ? since i did the exhaust (noticed it a bit before the new exhaust) it seems theres a miss once and awhile like a poping/poofing comeing from the exhaust no extra smoke at all but youcan really hear it now.

I know i need gauges, need to find out the fuel pressure but it seems to me theres a bad injector that works intermitently

also just changed the air filter damn rip off expensive as hell lol order it online nextime and a PITA to change !
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if an injector goes it goes there is no, it works some times and others not so much. your dealer can do a test on ur truck with the IDS, and as for ur stock filter, put a cai on that thing lol new exhaust and a stock filter. silly guy.

hope you find out what it is.
I would think twice before replacing that air filter with aftermarket on the 6.0L. That is a Donaldson filter that actually works very well. Many of the aftermarket filters do not do as good of job at filtering out the fine particles and that can spell death to a diesel PDQ.
Did you pull everything including the intake hose to change it? That is the easiest way. Trying to unseat the rubber mounts and remove it while leaving everything else there is brutal.
A miss in the engine on these things could be so many things. You really have to go through the steps to find it. If there is something wrong, maybe it will throw you a code soon to give you a head start!
yeah i know about the filter cold airs seem to work great on gas motors but this set up is good for up to 500hp and im going no where near that.thers also 2 different filters for these trucks from ford ones paper honey comb when you look at it the others got a plastic honeycomb in front of what seems like paper honey comb but feels way different, and yes i left everything attached when i changed it a PITA. The cold air filters on the market dont filter down to a small enough partical letting it get by and into the motor 6.0L's love clean air

These injectors are finicky and we have the worst fuel for them which sucks, from what ive read on another site they can act up when goin and thats a good sign to get them changed... hope its somthing simple and not as costly as injectors

Its had what seems like a hard start since i got it at least it seems to crank longer then other 6.0L's if i could find my damn camera cord i could post a vid.

Coolents up to level with no sign of loseing any and no residue from the bottle, havent had batteries or charging system checked but there mismatched batteries with i think one being original and one a kirkland and smaller. Oils not due for change untill another 1500/2000klm, fuel filters changed last oil change,run conditioner through it about everyother tank.

No idea on history of this motor or if its had issues in the past or what parts may have been changed.
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You could probably get someone to run an OASIS report for you with the VIN. If your dealer won't; you could ask here, someone may offer.
just pm me with the vin and i'll run it up on oasis for you.
thanks Shelby
Older post, but that's a injector. Mine did the same thing. It was worse when cold and under load. I showed no codes. Had it tested at Ford (only they can test) it showed 1 bad and 1 weak had then changed out and all was good. Fuel pressure is important for injectors to survive. Ford makes a upgraded fuel pressure spring.
The cold start sounds like a FICM. You can check voltage with a voltmeter or a Scangauge II with the proper X gauge.
yeah it was one that was acting up, of course when i dropped truck off at the dealer it wouldnt do the issue not untill I came to pick the truck up after work would it do it they had it hooked up to the computer and seen it was an injector that was sticking not badly but enough to have it replaced.
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