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Lightning + Nitto555s + Ice/Snow =

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Last night was the annual christmas party and I wanted to ride in style, when we got home last night I was to tired to play musical vehicles. This is what I awoke to and the joy of moving the vehicles around this morning.


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It's lovely eh dude!

I woke up to the same but with both vehicles covered in the same amout that is/was on your Lariat.. and yea they had a nice crisp layer of ice!
It was so windy that only the vehicles between the house actually had snow on them, the Lightning just had ice.
park her man shes just gonna get worse out tonight
No traction control :(
looks like you
Need winter tires

park her man shes just gonna get worse out tonight
3 wrecks in front of me today, one of them brutal!
yeah i have the drive back in forth to courtright right now been not to bad some people just plain stupid on the rds how ya like trucking in this snow
Lightnings are so bad on snow and ice!!! I absolutely dreaded coming to a stop on even the slightest incline because you might as well just put it in reverse. I'm glad I only had to drive mine part of one winter. Some guys do it with sand bags, spare tire rims with snow tires on them and some even go as far as taking off the "ground effects" trim off every season so that moisture and salt can't get trapped and do damage. I figure save yourself the trouble, buy a cheap winter beater and keep the miles off the one that matters. I love my sacrificial '92 4Runner!!
If I could afford it I'd have a beater. But with a good set of snow tires on the Lightning it's been a great winter truck. With the snows I haven't had any problems at all, no extra weight or spare either. I did get stuck once driving in the snow with the F1's on it and it was about the worst driving experiance ever.
you guys make me want to cry driving your lightning's in the snow and that first pic tim with all the ice on the sonic blue makes me want to vomit!!!

i give you credit for having the patience for the lack of traction these trucks have! (i cant get traction on a dry summer day w/ my nitto 555's!!!)

although since you both have your L's out for the winter i do think i should take steve up on going for a ride....if i ever get to london during the day, maybe ill have to look you guys up and have some fun!
The other morning coming home from work was great. No people or cars on the street (mine), so could play "the fast and furious" and do some drifting, all at 10kph, and no tire wear!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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