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Line-Xed the sill plates

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Hey all,

Well I got the sill plates Line-Xed today (ok after I had to call CAA to come unlock the door since I locked both sets of keys in the truck :fly: ) They did a great job as always. Coated it right up to the border with the two-tone paint. They even left the undercoating holes accessible. Only cost $60/side.
Took some before/after/after with rug cover pics.

Let me know if the links don't work.

Oh and that shiny center cap on the floor in the passenger pics is one of the new ones I bought in May. Damn thing keeps falling off. :ang: Twice in the parking lot at home and once on the road. Anyone know how to cover up scuff marks on these. One spot where it hit the road has the silver rubbed right off.
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Oh yeah, all that primer in the before pics was to cover up all the spots where I had to grind off the surface rust. Which was the reason I had them done in the first place. One spot on the drivers door I removed/primed/paint 2 times in the last year because when the door closes it rub against the sill and wears off the paint and it starts to rust again. Problem solved now. I think if I ever got a brand new truck I'd just get the whole thing Line-Xed, no more nicks/scratches in the paint and good luck trying to key it :p
Ok not sure which account you are referring to but this is the link to all my truck pics.

The first 5 are the before and after pics you were looking for.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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