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Lockpick ford sync

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I ordered a lockpick for Ford sync from The unit took about 3 weeks to come in, the shipping does not cover custom charges ($35) After I got it I youtube'd a video from coastaletech on installation. Which looks complicating but actually isn't too bad.
I had it installed for 3 days, it was great. I could use DVD while driving, I could use my reverse cam while driving forward. I could not use my stock front cam unless it was in the normal mod for operations. But I could also use nav while driving.
3 days of install and then all of a sudden it cut out and I had no radio, no bluetooth, nothing! I tried to pull fuses and nothing happened?? So I pulled it all apart checked my connections and then put it all back together. It worked fine for 9 hrs and then cut out again! Finally I ripped it out and now I'm trying to return it. They are talking about having to charge me a 15% re-stalking fee!
This unit is a piece of shit and I will never put one back in my truck. I have read 2 other reviews with the same issue, just didn't think it would happen to me. :(
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Good heads-up for anyone considering this mod.

Never even heard of this unit until you posted....not something I would normally consider though.
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