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London meet set for May 27

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Hooters on Wharncliffe at Belmont.
1pm May 27(sunday after May 24 weekend)

Directions :
from west of London 402/401 to Colonel Talbot Rd, north to Main/Longwoods/Wharncliffe - turn right Hooters will be on the left at the 5th set of lights.

from east fo London 401 to Exeter Rd, continue on Exeter Rd to White Oaks Rd - turn right continue to end of White Oaks Rd - left onto Ferndale Ave, Hooters is on the left after crossing Wharncliffe.

Feel free to add info if needed.
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Thats cool
Are sure there is no construction in the area?
No hidden surprises?
I will be there

That's why I put Exeter and not Wellington.:pck:
SORRY.....Can't make because of saturday is racing for me!!!! It will be hard for me to make any saturday gtgs beacuse of racing. Right now I am planning to miss a few racing nights because of truck shows. I am not there to watch our car race BUT I am the mini-stock photographer!!!!!
If we change to the sunday can you make it?
Sundays will be alot better for me :t-up:
Re-read first post!:t-up:
THANKS for changing the date and I should be there :t-up:
Good to hear!:t-up:


Ok this one is a no brainer.

Hooters!!! I'm in. And being about a 5 min drive from my place is a bonus :)
I was there on opening day, got some pics of the girls and my friends bought calenders and tshirts :p
This will be our official next meet since Mississauga meet was merged with FTW group meet on May 6th


What time is good for everybody?
I was thinking 1pm, but I am flexible.
Works for me.
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