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Well as the topic states, when i turn my headlights to the on position they do not turn on. the drl's are still running but there is no low beam/high beam or fogs. when i play with the turn signal switch(multifunction switch) they will sometimes turn on, but if i go to put my signal on to turn, they will almost always shut off. It almost seems liek the signal switch has to be on the correct position for them to be working. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before andif anyone knows how to fix it. I would like to be able to turn my headlights or fogs on whenever i choose, for safety reasons. I used the search feature, but multiple answers came up, and i was hoping for a more precise one, before i have to go out and buy a new MFS for instance. BTW the truck is a 1998 f150 xlt extended cab 4x4.
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