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well now that i can post pics ,, i'll post soem pics of my mods...feel free too ask questions...

these first ones are of my DRL removal... waaay better.. stupid DRL.

front wheel and tire.... 18x 10 and 35x 13.5 XTC xterrrains...

rear wheel..powerlsot rotors and stainless lines...

6" procomp lift. addons will be skid plate and light bar...

Mac performance intake..

Mac performance powder coat headers...sorry crappy pic but hard too take pics of em cazue u cant see em...

Bassanni side exit stainless exhaust... real nice sound too it...

the panasonic touch screen motorized dvd player..

i'll keep adding pics of my mods as i do them.. my cowl cover should be in next week...
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nice pics:t-up: You do realize that your cold air intake is actually sucking in hot engine bay air though right?:no:


yeah i know...never called it a cold air intake tho did i?....

workin on somethin for that...eventually supercharger...
How hard was the header install?
How hard was the header install?
i didnt do that one... ford did...
If i owned a truck...thats what I would want it to look like!!!
well my cowl cover came in... for a dodge... damn... wait nother couple weeks...
nice truck! but if your gonna offroad your gonna get mud in your rotors and it wont be so pretty...your brakes are gonna suck.
ummm.. disc brakes are the best for mud/ water.. i converted my offroad truck too rear disc..i am a NWMRA member ( northwest mud racing association)... and have never seen anyone run drums. so ur tellin me that ur rear drums actually nwork after a day of mud and water?.. mine sure didnt..and the rotors and stainless lines made a HUGE dif in stopping power.. when i drive a stock one now i notice it big time ( i work for a ford dealer)
All brakes lose effectiveness when put thru the wringer. I am guessing that the discs are easier to rinse out.
exactly... they dont hold the muck like drums.. ud be surprised how well discs hold after runnin thru 4 ft of water.. drums.. forget about it....
ok.. my freakin cowl cover should be in today... i'll post pics...doin chrome door handles today also but i think they stick out too much so i am only gonna use half the kit. im only gonna put the chrome on the part you pull not the part that stays stationary..and again i'll post pics.. ( if i like it)

did a complete 3 stage clean, polish ,seal yesterday.. wow what a dif. got rid of the BC pinstriping...( scratches from the bushes)
cowl cover came in.. and i love it yo....:))

i also installed the half kit of the chrome door handles... and i love it yo...:))

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next step is body color the remaing door handles and mirrors..

then bushwacker pocket style flares...
Cover looks good.
It does look great how will this work with the snow

It does look great how will this work with the snow

snow... ahahahahahahah now thtas funny
snow... ahahahahahahah now thtas funny

That's the stuff at the top of the hill...:tng
That's the stuff at the top of the hill...:tng
oh thats what that
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