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All these years, top-of-the-line XB headlights by Morimoto were simply out of reach for many enthusiasts searching for the best. Now that the new Hybrid variant is available, there is an XB that everyone can buy. For those who wish to enjoy the XB-level of style and function without spending a fortune, Morimoto offers these headlights carrying many of the same incredible capabilities as the originals do by combining both LED and Incandescent bulbs. But the new Morimoto Hybrid series headlights are hardly a compromise because they share many of the same fundamental parts created for the top-tier model.

All components are mounted inside the top-quality OEM-grade housing, and DRLs use the same optics as the premium version. Also, Morimoto provides a five-year warranty. The XB Hybrid headlights have a separate LED high beam projector in addition to a powerful, wide, and bright LED low beam projector. Despite the reduced price, their optics were built specifically for the hybrid range to produce an incredibly consistent beam pattern. These improvements are much more than just an aesthetic upgrade; they will also significantly improve your truck's ability to illuminate the road ahead.

Click the link below to read more:

Affordable Morimoto XB Hybrid Black DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights for Ford F-150

To browse the full catalog of Morimoto automotive lighting products, use the link below:

If you have any questions, give our sales team a call at 800.505.3274 (Toll-Free) or 1.609.642.4700 (International).
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