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Muddin' 2007 Video!

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I run and I finally found the time to finish the Muddin' 2007 video. I don't have much to say about this video, since it's a compilation of the entire season. Quite a variety of stuff actually. I hope you like it. Later guys!

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How many broken part in the trip like this?

The video isn't just one trip... It's an entire summers worth of wheeling. For me, in total, I have 4 broken front axles, 1 broken rear axle, a rag joint, twisted frame rail, rear driveshaft, an alternator, transfer case housing, lots of driveshaft ujoints, a few broken hubs, and a ripped off fender cutout. I think that's everything... But I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff. That also includes damage done at the mud bogs (not shown in this video, but I have videos on my website for that). Anyways, it's been a rough year for my truck. But, I'm well aware that I'm running a little too much tire and power for my axles. I'm hoping the chrome moly axle shafts I ordered will be a temporary fix for that until I can swap in D60's under my truck.

As for the other guys, they've had their fair share of broken stuff as well. I think I'm the leader in broken parts this year though.
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Thats a long list
Where do you get all your spare parts
you guys have a great crew of guys up there, well done

I built one truck..... But, we've had two more late 70's Fords in the yard at some point in time. They've been stripped of all their good parts and then sent to the scrapyard. We've got a shed full of parts!!!! Any time something goes wrong, I can usually dig out the parts (except for front axle shafts... I've gone through all of those... Hahaha). Also, the scrapyards around here actually have quite a few late 70's Fords in them.

As for our crew.... We have a blast out there together. We do get random people join us, but mainly it's only the four of us. It would be nice for our group to expand, but it's a small community. Anyways... My brother is the youngest at 17 years old, and the oldest guy (with the Willy's) is 37. So, there's quite an age difference between us, but when we're out there wheeling together, we're all best friends!!!! It's an awesome!!
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You can't beet small community atmosphere

Everybody always helps each other, and everybody knows whats going on :)

congrats on another well done Video

That was a cool video. Look forword to more now that I have High speed and can acually down load them in less than a week...
Awesome dude!
Great work on the vid!

I wish I could mud.. but the cost involved would be too much.. :(
Great Video :happy116:
Thanks guys!!! I appreciate all the comments.
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