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Music, what do you....

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What do you all listen to?. I like it heavy and mean.
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Rob Zombie, Ozzie, Velvet Revolver, pretty much anything that isn't Rap or Hip hop or what ever they call it.
60's Rock,Metal,Hard Rock and all the other rockin roll we enjoyed growin up.
just about anything except for that C-rap music... classic rock is my fave
Rock. AC/DC is a no brainer, lots of the new stuff from Linkin Park, Social Code, Papa Roach. I'm a huge Motley Crue fan.
Rock. AC/DC is a no brainer, lots of the new stuff from Linkin Park, Social Code, Papa Roach. I'm a huge Motley Crue fan.
I thought I was reading a 4 year old post, lol

I listen to pretty much anything thats on sirius Octane...sometimes Hard attact, or Faction
Rob Zombie, RAMMSTIEN, Metallica, AC/DC, the list goes on and on, depends what mood I'm in really
I'll listen to almost anything.
But what I listen most is Opie & Anthnoy on XM
Well I listen to that COUNTRY Crap and some of that other crap but 99% of the time it's country Music for me.
Cause I's a ******* Woman! LMAO
Hubby listens too anything
For me everything

Here is a short list LOL
Bon Jovi,
Def Leppard
Guns n'roses
Green Day
Insane Clown Posse
Hip Hop
Love oldies
Elvis and The Beach Boys
Lately into to:
Fefe Dobson
Colbie Caillat
Kelly Clarkson
and very little country

This is just a few
16gigs of music loaded on iPhone

My 2 teenage daughters dictate to me what I have to listen on long trips to hockey

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only 27 but listen to the older rock alot of the newer stuff some rap/bass all depends on my mood.... got to pick up the new disturbed cd when i get a chance

would like to hit the slipknot/disturbed concert in TO next fri depends on work tho

nickelback,ICP,slipknot,seether,lincolnpark,theory of a deadman,disturbed,shinedown,the offspring many others older rockaswell to many groups to remember....
heavy stuff too. 80's and up. NO COUNTRY OR RAP!!!! we seem to have a consensus on music preference here.
Everything except country, metal and classical.
i'm only 19 and i'm 100% COUNTRY and i aint scared neither.
dog running,deer hunting, fish catchin, cow tippin,corn picking,sider sippin,fire startin, hell raiser,hail bailin, country. i guarantee ya i'm country.
Guns 'n' Roses
The Beach Boys
Bon Jovi
Motley Crue
Def Leppard

all 80's Rock
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