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My FX4

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Welcome to!

Nice Ranger!
Very Nice
Rangers look great with a lift
and yes welcome to

HI and :welcome: to

Good looking Ranger :happy-smiley-541:
welcome bud....

enjoy this site.. i do... good peeps here...for ford peeps...
nice ranger, what kind of lift are you using?
sweet looking ranger and welcome to the boards man
Thanks! Its an RCD 5" lift and 33x12.5 tires.

For anyone whos interested, I have the Alco FX4 wheels with 33x10.5 BFG MT that I may be selling (not 100% sure yet), the tires have 75% tread
:icon_mad: :icon_mad: aaahhhhh why didnt you tell me this last week before i went and paid out my wazz for tires for my 16 inch wheels
:icon_wink: but you still have time to sell me your lift:icon_biggrin:
fx4 question

do all fx4 Rangers run at 2100 rpm at 100 kmh just wondering because i had a f-150 before and it ran at allot lower rpm.
i havent checked that out, but im sick of this stupid rev limiter kicking in at 3500 rpm, cant get a taste for my new exhaust...
Your FX4 has 4:10s so your gonna rev a little higher, compared to a sport with 3:73. My FX4 runs about the same.
thanks for the info,by the way nice truck and i like the way the fog light are behind the grille.
can you send me a picture of the wheels or tell me how to get to your gallery pictures.
Welcome to Nice Truck!
welcome to ford tough
Welcome to!
Nice Ranger!! :icon_biggrin:
i so need to get me a 4x4 ranger to have fun with
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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