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My Nite Edition

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Here are a few pics of my Nite edition. I'm in the middle or restoring it (why it's in peices). I'll throw some new pics up here when it's finished, and had a major wash with a fresh coat of wax on it. :icon_biggrin:

Sorry for the blurry pics.
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GREAT Looking truck and can't to see more photos in the future!!!
Nice truck, restoration?

Doesn't looks like it needs it.

Thanks guys. I guess its more sheet metal work than 'restoration'. The driver side rocker panel was toast and the floor pan is rough too. It's hard to see in the pics but it needs new front fenders, (their fiberglassed together at the bottom). Throw in a paint job and it'll be done. :icon_biggrin:

Next time I'm in Kingston We have to meet up for a coffee
And I have to see Nite Rider

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