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My TV is broken....Plasma/LCD/Projection discussion

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Time to upgrade, I am not upto par on what to look for............HELP???
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52" or larger
wall mounted

would be the way to go ;)
but its easy for me to spend your money :D
52", 1080p LCD on a $3,500 budget??? If you can pull that off let me know....I'll take 5 :t-up:
I bought a 42" Hitachi Plasma about 2 months ago.....I love it so far.
was just gonna ask you from where and if it was a good deal..but i realized youre about 2000km away from me :S

LOL....Yeah, I'm pretty sure any deal I can get here could easily be matched elsewhere :INF: One disadvantage of living on an island....we get raped on shipping charges. That said, I did get an decent deal on the t.v. It was already marked down and I got another 10% knocked off, so I got the t.v. for $1899.

I remember when I was living in Ontario and shopping for a stereo. I negotated a great deal on a system up there, but realized that it would cost me a fortune to ship it home. I flew home for my birthday, shopped around a bit here, and convinced one store to match the price of the store in Ontario :t-up:
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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