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Kenny Francis, crew chief for driver Kasey Kahne, and Robbie Reiser, crew chief for Matt Kenseth, whose teams failed post-qualifying inspection Sunday for the Daytona 500, have been ejected from Daytona International Speedway and will receive multiple-week suspensions, according to a report from The Charlotte Observer.

The crew chiefs will not be allowed to participate in any further Speedweeks activities, the report said. They will also be suspended several additional races, as well as receive monetary fines. The teams will likely receive points penalties as well, sources told The Observer.
NASCAR Chairman Brian France promised harsh penalties for cheating teams from qualifying Sunday.

The biggest penalty might not be announced today because NASCAR officials are still checking the intake manifold confiscated from the Toyota of owner/driver Michael Waltrip.

"It's our job is to escalate penalties — you're going to see it today," France said. "It will be undeniable that when you keep pushing the system and test the integrity of the sport, we will do whatever it takes.

"That doesn't mean you go out and get somebody in the electric chair. But that does mean that you step up the penalties to a level that makes it a true deterrent."

Both the No. 9 Evernham Motorsports Dodge of Kahne and the No. 17 Roush Racing Ford of Kenseth had unapproved aerodynamic adjustments, where holes that were supposed to be covered were not, NASCAR officials said Sunday.

France said afterward that repeat offenders could have entire teams ejected.

"We are going to get tough with the competitors when they push the credibility of the sport," France said.

"But you have to have the punishments fit the crime. We can't get just completely silly about it. We have to be tough, firm and clear, and we're going to do that today."

It is the second consecutive year that NASCAR has had cheating infractions during qualifying for the Daytona 500.

"You can't expect that [with the] 120 cars and the hundreds of thousands of rules that are out there, that some teams [aren]'t either going to intentionally cross the line or inadvertently cross the line," France said. "It's our job to protect the integrity of the sport."

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Penalties Announced by NASCAR; Suspensions, Fines, Points Taken Away: NASCAR has announced that Robby Reiser and Kenny Francis have each been suspended for 4 races and fined $50,000. In addition, the teams of #17-Matt Kenseth and #9-Kasey Kahne have been penalized 50 owner and driver points. Also, the team directors for Evernham drivers #19-Elliott Sadler and #10-Scott Riggs (Rodney Childers and Joshn Browne, respectively) have each been suspended for 2 races and fined $25,000 for violations found prior to qualifying on Sunday. Those team have each lost 25 owners and drivers point. No announcement has been made on #55-Michael Waltrip

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I didn't know 19 and 10 had a problem too
for 9 and 17 you knew it was coming
Here is first 4 drivers starting with points before first race
Hold on 2 of them may still be in negative after the first race
That would tough


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One of my picks is Sadler. Not changing it though. Sometimes starting in the back of the field is a good thing :all-good:


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Around 3:30 today NASCAR will have a update on the Michael Waltrip situation and what I have heard it dosen't sound good for Michael. While watch the last practice for the Duels, NASCAR have escorted Micheal Waltrip Crew Cheif earlier today from the track and during the practice NASCAR escorted Micheal's team manager from the speedway!!!!!

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NASCAR finally had there press conference about Micheal Waltrip and the team was fined 100,000 and Micheal was docked 100 points and lost 100 car owner points!!!!

Here is more about it:
Waltrip announcement soon? UPDATE: hearing that NASCAR will make an announcement soon fining the team $100,000, docking Waltrip 100 owner and driver points and suspending the crew chief, David Hyder, indefinitely. Waltrip will be able to run in the Gatorade Duel 150's but will start from the rear of the field.
UPDATE: the penalties to the #55 team:
Bobby Kennedy [MWR VP of Competition] and David Hyder [crew chief] ejected from track [Daytona] and suspended indefinitely
David Hyer fined $100,000
Michael Waltrip docked 100 driver points
Owner Buffy Waltrip docked 100 owenrs points
Michael Waltrip's qualifying time disallowed from Sunday's Daytona 500 qualfiying.
The substance was NOT jet fuel. Waltrip will be allowed to run the Gatorade Duel's in a back up car.(SPEED coverage of the NASCAR press conference). Scott Eggleston will be the interim crew chief for Waltrip. Eggleston won the Daytona 500 with Waltrip in 2001.(2-14-2007)

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Michael Waltrip will race on Thursday — with his tail between his legs — in a backup No. 55 car for the Gatorade Duel, provided it passes inspection before the first race.

But Waltrip will be racing without crew chief David Hyder or Michael Waltrip Racing VP of competition Bobby Kennedy.

Penalties at a glance

Docked 100 driver and owner points
Michael Waltrip's qualifying time disallowed
Michael Waltrip's crew chief, David Hyder, ejected and suspended indefinitely, fined $100,000.
Michael Waltrip Racing's VP of competition, Bobby Kennedy, ejected and suspended indefinitely.

NASCAR's VP of communication Jim Hunter announced at Daytona International Speedway on Wednesday that Hyder has been fined a record $100,000 and Waltrip's team and owner Buffy Waltrip were docked 100 championship points for various rule violations.

NASCAR announced that it has confiscated the primary car of the No. 55 Toyota team which competes in the NASCAR Nextel Cup as a result of rules violations found during pre- and post- competition inspection for the Daytona. 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing), 12-4-Q (car, car parts components and/or equipment not conforming to NASCAR rules) and 20-15.2C (gasoline must not be blended with alcohols, ethers or other oxygenates).

"They came to the line pre-qualifying, they went to install the restrictor plate. The inspector found a substance in the intake manifold that was not like anything he had seen in the inspection process," said NASCAR VP of competition Robin Pemberton.

"The substance was also found after the manifold was replaced. The additive was in the fuel system and the fuel line. We feel fairly confident that it was not in the intake manifold itself."

The primary No. 55 car has been transported to North Carolina for further inspection.

Kennedy and Hyder were both ejected from the garage. Both are under indefinite suspension. Neither crewmen will be able to appeal their penalties.

Lee Spencer question: With your guys charged to really cut down on what's going on in the garage, are you guys setting the precedent just simply because it's gotten out of hand, or do you feel with Toyota coming in that you really have to make the playing field as even for everybody in the garage?

Robin Pemberton answer: I want to make something perfectly clear. This is a team issue. This has nothing to do with a manufacturer whatsoever.

Lee Spencer question: As we bring more people in and there's a lot more money, a lot more funds. They have relationships with Formula One. They have an ability to go and get things from elsewhere. Will you just kind of cut everything out now and just start from scratch?

Robin Pemberton answer: This is a highly competitive field this year, and there was just one team that wasn't guaranteed to get in the race. I think that they crossed the line to try to assure them a starting spot in the Daytona 500. That's all there is to it.

On Wednesday morning, Lee White, senior VP and GM of Toyota Racing Development expressed his concerns about the future relationship between Toyota and Michael Waltrip Racing.

"Depending on what the outcome is obviously we will have some further discussions with that team and decide what our relationship is going to be in the future," White said. "But like these guys say, the rules are the rules. We expect to participate by the rules. We hold our own people to a very high standard and certainly we hope that we've partnered with the right people that hold their people to a high standard."

Although teams continue to look for competitive advantages, NASCAR treats violations dealing with fuel, engines and tires more seriously. NASCAR's spanking of No. 12 car team owner Michael Kranefuss to the tune of 151 points and $50,000 for unapproved fuel additives at Talladega in 2000 is a perfect example.

Rick Hendrick, whose crew chief Chad Knaus was sidelined for the 2006 Daytona 500, said, "I guess what (NASCAR is) trying to do is send a clear message that they don't want to have to deal with it. I guess this is just the way they chose to handle it. Its unfortunate for those guys that are going through it, but its just I think they're trying to get a handle on it.

"It's hard for NASCAR to police it, you know they can't write the rules fast enough, these guys are so smart they find a way around it."

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Black Pearl said:
There is One driver in negative going to second race
Don't forget about Kahne and Kenseth have lost 50 points and that makes 3 drivers already in the negative before the 1st race of the season!!!!

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I seen this on about Micheal Waltrip and check out the last sentence!!!!!

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Michael Waltrip seriously considered withdrawing his No. 55 Toyota from the Daytona 500 qualifying race amid an explosive cheating scandal, the driver said on Thursday.

Making his first extensive remarks since his team was caught with an illegal fuel additive during qualifying inspection last Sunday, Waltrip expressed regret and vowed to find out how the infraction occurred.

"I am ready to bear all responsibility for what happened," Waltrip said. "You can't hurt me any worse than I am right now."

NASCAR suspended Waltrip's crew chief, David Hyder, and his director of competition, Bobby Kennedy. They also fined Hyder $100,000 -- a NASCAR record -- and docked Waltrip 100 owners points.

The penalties cast a pall over Waltrip's much-anticipated three-car debut with Toyota, which is debuting its Camry this season. Waltrip's massive organization is regarded as the manufacturer's flagship operation.

Speaking in a hushed tone in front of a packed room filled with reporters and TV cameras, Waltrip denied that he had already fired Hyder, and said that Scott Eggleston will serve as his acting crew chief.

"We haven't fired anyone nor do we plan on firing anyone until we know what happened," Waltrip said. "We are aggressively trying to find out what happened.

"What took place was the act of an individual or individuals and is not a reflection on our team," Waltrip said. "I am here today to apologize to the NASCAR fans, sponsors and other team owners."

Waltrip said he only decided to race in the 150-mile qualifier after discussing it with his wife, Buffy, after waking up at the track on Thursday morning.

"I came real close to not racing today," Waltrip said. "I just felt that there would be a cloud over everything I accomplished because of what happened."

Waltrip added the worst part of the ordeal was when his daughter asked why his car had failed inspection.

"A beautiful nine-year-old asked her mom on Monday why Daddy cheated the rules," Waltrip said. "That will hurt you pretty bad."
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