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There is a new Ford Extended Service Plan available designed for high mileage diesel drivers. If your truck is still under 5 year/160,000 KMS you purchase a diesel engine warranty up to 300,000 kms. There are 2 types, Diesel Care and Diesel Care Total. The price is $1,480 and $2,465, plus a $100 surcharge if the vehicle is beyond 1 yr or 20,000 kms. We also offer up 17 month finance at 0%. There is an admin fee. 6.0L and 6.4L models only

DieselCARE Covered Components
• All internal lubricated parts
• Accelerator switch
• Camshaft position sensor
• Crankshaft position sensor
• Cylinder block
• Cylinder heads
• Electronic driver unit
• Engine control module
• Exhaust back pressure regulator
and sensor
• Exhaust pressure sensor
• Flywheel
• Fuel rail pressure sensor
• Fuel system (excluding fuel lines,
fuel tank, and frame mounted fuel
conditioning module)
• Harmonic balancer
• High pressure fuel injection
pump assembly
• High pressure oil regulator

DieselCARE Total Covered Components
• High pressure lines
• Injection pressure sensor
• Injectors
• Intake air temperature sensor
• Glow plugs
• Manifolds (intake/exhaust)
• Manifold pressure sensor
• Oil pan
• Oil pump
• Powertrain control module
• Seals and gaskets
• Thermostat
• Thermostat housing
• Timing chain cover
• Timing chain (gears or belts)
• Turbocharger/supercharger unit
• Valve covers
• Water pump

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yeah but the warrenty is still only 5 years 300,000km correct. so that means if you have a 04 truck you still would only have warrenty for 1 more year wether your close to 300,000k or not.

Correct me if im wrong, but i believe the only benifit is for those who put on a lot of miles.

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I know my boss looked into it for three of his trucks but never heard anything else about it would be worth it for his 250 that thing never leaves the garage he want's it to still be mint in 14 years (he has plans:)...) He's pretty much done building it he's waiting on his Rockstars and new tires then the truck has nothing left to put on
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