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new addition to my garage

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i just picked up a 1997 mercury cougar 30th anniversary edition,been checking it out online and they seem rather rare,the car has 170000km and is spotless,it's not a truck but thes cars sure ride nice and and get up and go with the 4.6l and irs suspension.
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can't read need pics

no pics no care
my parents had an 89 xr7 cougar super coupe and a 96 xr7 with the 4.6L both powerful cars....
the 89 would walk all over a 5.0L stang
Any plans for it James? Daily driver?
My parents had 2 Cougars, not sure what year. Mid to early 90's one dark blue and one silver. Both awesome cars and both very very powerful. Nice pick up for sure.




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waiting for a day that's not blizzarding out to take some pic's,my 17 yr old daughter is jazzed as i got this for her first car(i've been teasing her for the last while that i was going to give her the bush pig 93 f250 s/c l/b):)
excuses excuses! I think you're full of BS till you prove me wrong!!

well the weather finally smartened up,just finished putting a control arm,spindle,and lower ball joint in(ball joint broke thats why the guy sold it)just have to give it a coat of wax.

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looks like it's in great shape

Sharp looking set of wheels! It's nice to see Ford could build some nice cars. Looks like the cup holders will hold 2 large Timmies. What else has it got? Any pics of the dash?
heres a few more pics of the interior,man parts are cheap for these cars i just ordered a complete front end kit(upper control arms,lower ball joints,inner/outer tie rods,end links front and rear)for 170.00 from ontario!

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there nice cars and lots of gogo power
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