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New Ford welcomed to the coral

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bought a 1 owner 94 explorer xlt today basically bought it without price negotiation at all. price was right and the owner still loved it, just didn't need the vehicle anymore. what a crappy slow drive home, well worht the trip to Scarborough though.

194,000km leather, keyless, michelins(weather checked) oil sprayed from new in original paint. needs front ujoints, maybe a tierod end.

it even came with a barrier in the back for the dog:icon_cool:

pictures in an ad usually show way better than the actual vehicle, in this case, pics were bang on. even the factory wheels are still really clean.

I'll put some pics in a new album if somebody could pull them out and post here that would be awesome.
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Sweet. Which motor?

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the ONLY engine 1st generation explorers came with;)

too bad the 5.0 wasn't an option until 1996:icon_cry:

I think the only option it doesn't have is the rare sunroof that the limited model got.

I put some pics in a new album
My buddy down in Windsor picked a 96 up this summer with the 5.0

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Pretty low mileage for the age, and looks well cared for, oil sprayed since new goes a long way towards helping that I'm guessing.....congrats James, nice score.
That thing is in super nice condition. Make sure you crawl under the back end and check for rust. They are prone to rot around spring hangers/shock mounts and cross members. I see a couple around here with the fuel tank skidplate almost dragging on the ground.

Nice find. Definite score!
I've actually been watching the ad since Oct 5th on kijiji but couldn't afford the asking price so i never emailed or inquired about it.

wed when I got home from work I noticed the price had changed, actually the price had cut in half:icon_eek:, I immediately emailed the seller and told them I would pay the new price if it was as described and same as pics, and called them at 8am to talk in person. I said I would be there Friday between 12 and 1 pm.
I came I saw I was shocked and I bought with cash.

condition sold me enough that I didn't even drive it, just moved it forward and back in the driveway. the owner showed me the most recent mechanical work done 1500km ago, and it was in June 2010 rear brake job.

they were basically only driving it up north every few months and were insuring 3 vehicles for 2 senior drivers.
very fussy owner, and it came with a full set of Ford service manuals.

the lady was very happy when her husband told her it was going to a "collector". I didn't want to break it to them that it is going to be a winter driver.:icon_cry:

was a pretty easy sell to the wife, she fed off my excitement.:icon_biggrin:
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Great Find James.
It's hard to find an early Exploder in that nice shape. I see that Woody is on the sales block again. Bring it to Milton next weekend. I would like to see it in person.

Great Find James.
It's hard to find an early Exploder in that nice shape. I see that Woody is on the sales block again. Bring it to Milton next weekend. I would like to see it in person.

kind of depends when Woody departs, we will be using the plates off it, they are fresh ones.

Oh wait, scratch that. you're only in Guelph Gerry, come out to the farm and bring coffee, i'll show it to you up on a hoist. there are some shop beers brought by Ryan as offerings to the free parts gods left over if you forget the coffee.

today gave me new appreciation for truckdrivers who work the 401 corridor, they are a patient lot and courtesy is appreciated, even at a whopping 30km/hr. Brimley road Scarborough to hwy 25 Milton 2:40pm- 4:35. that sucks, but only 2 times came to a complete stop.

no need to raise the speed limit:icon_lol:
I traveled from Thornhill to Guelph everyday, for 6 months. I'd leave at 5:00am from Thornhill. It would only take an hour. At night, usually 2 1/2 hours to get home. And I'd get a $450.00 bill from the 407 monthly. I feel your pain.
I have to work today, But I'd love to come out too have a look. Tell me when it's good for you.
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