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New here from Alberta

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New on here
Names John would like to say Hello to everybody
I got a 2004 F-350 that is Street liegal with 36" of lift , 2.5 ton Rocks with Full hydraulic Rear steering . 52" michelins for the street and 77" terra's for shows and play
. God l love ALBERTA :icon_biggrin:

PS: Now to figure out how to post a pic
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Welcome from Mission BC

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HI John and :welcome: to
hey welcome..

truck is too big too use in bc but lets see the pics..
Here lets try this pic if it works if not I'll try tonight
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Welcome to 2insane
I have to see that lift

HOLY CRAP! That's awesome!
to give ya a idea the bottom of rear bumper is 7' 6" off the ground lol.

Heres my finishewd product when I'm done all mods but monstersized
That looks amazing

That truck would not be legal in Ontario


Nice Cobra!
wow sweet truck man at truck shows you can have full size trucks parked under ya an welcoem to the boards
Where in Alberta do you live?
I'm about 1.5 hrs North of you Edmonton:icon_wink:
:signs140: :worthy: :jumping0045: :shocked-smiley-9456 :shocked: :happy-smiley-541: :signs140: That truck kicks serious ass, damn...NICE ride,, welcome to the forum. I'm diggin that pic in your avatar, what is it, that is nutz.
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