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New here, Pics of my truck inside!!!!!!!

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Alright well i just joined the site and thought i would share some....actually more like a lot of pictures of my truck! lol ill cover everything from my suspension lift to my cab light install to my jump seat mod to my dash light mod and yea lots of pics lol for you "visual" learners.

the snorkel i made of fiberglass.

My suspension lift.

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you can never post enough pics on this site! You never have to ask about that!:drnk:


lol alright well this should make your night.
here are the stripes i added like an hour ago, they should be close to dry by now.

Ill add the mud pictures another time cuz my parents are kicking me off the computer!! :blah:
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Nice! Gotta love a lifted Ranger.
Nice pictures love the truck
Looks awsome, only sugestion is to paint to O & R silver
on the tailgate that would look sharp. Nice wheels ever make a difference
92 Ranger you are a talented guy. Truck looks great.
Thanks Kirkfry, no matter how many jobs i apply to and talk about my truck no one seems to appreciate it or all the hard work i put into it. But thanks for putting it out there. :icon_smile:
looks good man and you have the same CD deck as i do in my 93 ranger :p
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