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Good day to you all.

I am obviously a new member and am looking for some information.

I am looking for information on driver side mirrors. I own a 2006 Ford F-150 Lariat. I was visiting some In Laws from Montreal Quebec and had to park on the narrow streets of the Plateau downtown Montreal. Well low and behold, something hit my mirror on the driver side which I had previously folded in the night before. Well the outer plastic casing was destroyed. The mirror has electric controls to adjust up and down etc and is also equiped with a signal flasher. I know that the outer casing is secured with 2 screws from the inner (opposite side) side behind the actual mirror. Can a person replace the cover or have to replace the whole mirror. I tried to price a mirror and it seems they run anywhere from $250.00 to $300.00. Can anyone let me know if I can purchase a standard mirror and simply replace the outer plastic part or do I have to buy the whole new mirror. I would like for anyone to help me out in giving me some info before I start spending some cash.


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Being A electric set up you have to replace all of it sucks but i had to do it at replacement cost of almost 500.00 dollars on a heated electric , Mirror for F-350 its quite Easy one wire harness and like 3 screws on behind inner door Good luck

and welcome to the site John
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