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New to site

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Hi all!
Found this site from a link from Smokefan on another site.
I have a 2002 Silver Lightning, 3 years now.
Also on a couple other Lightning sites.
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Welcome Steve!

Good to see you over here.
:hi: and WELCOME Steve to!!!

Gordon theres ANOTHER truck to smoke my ass at the track :p
ya think I can fit some solid rocket boosters in the bed? :p
LMFAO i dont think even then theyd help the 4.2L lol :))

Welcome to the site post up some pics when ya get the chance :pck:
Welcome to
Have fun and post some pics

Thanks guys.
Don't have any good pics, hoping for the chance next week to wash the truck and get some pics. Do you put the pics in the VBGarage section?
Yes, vBGarage is the best for that
Hope to see them soon

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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