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Newbie from Keswick, On

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Hey guys!!

My name is Steve and I live (but not from) Keswick, Ontario. I have a black 2001 F-150 XL Sport 4.2L 5 spd stepside. I just hit the 200,000km mark last week and it was a sad moment.

Here are a couple of pics that I have is from last summer, and one is from the snow storm we got two weeks ago.

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HI Steve and :welcome: to

Good looking truck you have there :happy-smiley-541:

Hey Steve, Welcome to
This is a great Canadian Ford Truck Site, with allots of info and members with great truck experience. Post some threads and pictures in vBGarage, and enjoy this forum

Welcome to the forum, where is Keswick?

South east side of Lake Simcoe. If you're looking at a road map, find the 404 going north out of Toronto...once you hit the end of the 404, keep going north along the same line and you will find it.
I was near Keswick today!

Welcome to!
I was near Keswick today!

Welcome to!
oh yeah? Where abouts? Bit of a drive from London :icon_wink:
Sharon, Ontario
Welcome and Merry Christmas.
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Welcome to
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