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Next Stop California

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All 3 series are racing this weekend at California.

53 cars entered to qualify for the Cup race, 10 go home :scared . Qualifying starts at 2:30pm Friday on Speed and Sirius 128(may be delayed to wrap up)

Don't forget to vote for in car this week!
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How many Toyotas will be in race this week?

2 are guarateed, Jarret and Blaney

There is 40 Busch cars entered in their 43 car field!

There is 34 Trucks entered in their 36 truck field!
and Biffle will win this one race I'll be right and I'll have to say I told you so
Sorry boys, but I have to say a Hendrick car maybe even Mears!
What? Do you figure Evernham is gonna cheat them up again, mise well add the 10!:cool:

Nope I'm gonna win as Kyle Busch or Greg Biffle is going to win
Bet you Bush brothers will take each other out



lol, seriously though, Kyle and Kurt are great aren't they. If I could afford it I would buy both in my other pool I have both Steward and Biffle. Can't go wrong with that combo. Anyways, Kyle is going to win on this speedway mark my word lads. Kyle or Greg...dun dun dun:drnk:
5 Toyotas with issues in pre practice tech.
Waltrip one of them?:club:


Is it fuel again
If I would be NASCAR
I would say :bye: to toyota

Template problem.
Reutiman just sent Waltrip home by 4/100ths!

Other drivers going home so far

K. Wallace

Go home driver left to qualify is Lepage
3pm on Fox, today.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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