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North BC Trails??

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Being from Ridge u don't have to go hunting around for trails as shown by Heavy. But up North here there isn't much, I've found a few but nothing spectacular. Does anyone know of any good trails around the FSJ, Taylor, Dawson Creek area?? Maybe I'm just spoilt from having Stave Lake in my back yard, which I miss so very much!!!
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Where are you actually from dude? I live in Hudson's Hope. There isn't tons for trails here, but in the summer we could go play out on the beach (on the shores of beautiful Williston lake, miles and miles of beautiful honest to god sand), or out at the marane (picture the biggest gravel pit you've ever seen, x10, its pretty dope.) There is a few other trails we could go too, my buddy has a Jeep Rubicon and he loves wheeling. PM me and I'll get you my number if you want.
I just moved up here in September and am going to go exploring this summer. Will have to check out Williston Lake for sure. Where's Marane?

Can you actually get down on the beach at Williston? That's the lake behind the WAC Bennett right?
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