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Not So New Newbie

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I am new to this Ford tough forum, but not so new to the realm of auto and light truck repair. I received my ASE master certification in 1996, but retired from the automotive industry and entered the field of electrical power generation in 2002. An injury in 2020 has me with a lot of time on my hands now.

I purchased a 1994 F150 4x4 last year when it seemed there was a shortage on trucks in my price range on Vancouver Island. I didn't spend a lot of time looking for problems; I figured $2,500 dollars for a working 4x4 with a heater and windows was a safe bet: I checked the oil, felt the engine to confirm it was a cold start, fired it up and, it purred like a kitten without blue smoke.

My F150 is challenging my knowledge base and leaving me feeling quite defeated.

I will post my symptom/repair history in the tech section, and I look forward to participating in this new platform.

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Welcome aboard.
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