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Oil in cooling system?

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03 6L. f 350 with 480,000 kms. Need an idea where to look first. oil in cooling system deteriorated intake manifold O ring. Leak was first clue.
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eng oil cooler,it is a common concern on the earlier 6.0l.
Hmmmm 03 6.0 :icon_cry: ..................could be the notorious head gaskets.
thanx for the quick response, will be getting at it tomorrow, will let u know how it goes
It would appear in the 6L. engine the head bolts have a tendency to be not strong enough and stretching thus the head gasket leaking situation. Understand a stud kit is available to rectify the problem. Not a nice piece to work on. Lift the cab???
It can be done with the cab on, just have to rock the motor to get some of the studs in the back...but it'll be easier on your body to lift the cab
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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