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Oil questions?

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Going to be doing my first oil change soon. Talked to a few people and they recommend not doing sythetic until 40000km. Also what oil do you recommend?
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What oil to recommend is about as subjective as what wax to recommend.

I'm not running a diesel mind you, but I just swapped to Ford's full synthetic at my first oil change (7500km), not sure who makes it, but I was assured there were no issues with doing so.

If there is, Ford will be the ones dealing with it, seeing as it was the house brand, changed out by their technicians.

You'll get a lot of different opinions on the relative merits of each, why this brand sucks or why this brand is the best.

I'm no scientist, but I think if you stick to the well known name brands (Ford's in house brand, Amsoil, Royal Purple. Mobil 1 etc), you'll be OK.
I switched to full synethic on my first oil change with both '09 and '11 f150s and they ran great. I traded them at about 80k tho lol

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I, along with any 6.0 owners, use Rotella T-6 5w40 synthetic oil. But I'm not sure what guys are using in the newer trucks.
How many KM are on your truck?

You can switch to Synthetic anytime you want.

As far as recommendations you pay for what you get when it comes to oil. You wanna be as cheap as possible you get the as cheap as possible product.
Right now I have 2500km just brand new
I've been running 10/30 HD Motorcraft oil to avoid sticktion in the injectors... its also a favored oil next to the rotella and not badly priced right from Ford its also alot easier to start in the winter.. also run Ford filters as the cheaper brands are just that... cheap and do not do the job properly.

only thing i found i didn't like about the rotella was winter starts when i switched to the motorcraft oil it was a lot better on cold starts.
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