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One of a kind Honda vTec Cobra...

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what a friggin tool , cant belive that guy bought all that bs :lgh2:
I dont know a whole lot about engines but even I was thinking..WTF is he talking about?? lol...I mean the engine runs 50 degrees cooler with a carbon fiber battery cover?? lol
All this talk about projectors has the kid thinking he should add vTec to the race car..........
Well see the guy screwed up..
If he would have left the vTtec hooked up to the front wheels like it came from factory.. and put another engine in the back he would have all weel drive with dual vTecs..

What is sad though.. I actually knew someone that would bullshit his way into making conversation and he really didn't know what he was talking about..
what a joke i cant belive it haha people these days
Uh the guy was

Hes actually a member on the SVT
really old vid. (2003)
Uh the guy was
Thanks for clearing that up, I was wondering.:icon_rolleyes:
i kinda figured that he was just bashing the civc nation
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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