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Paint over chrome??

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The mirrors on my Nite are chrome(supposed to be black). Is there anything special I should do to prepare them?? I've heard of sandblasting and etchingprimer but not shure which will work better,easier:icon_question:

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Send it, Prime it and Paint it black than clear coat it
and you are done

Assuming they're metal, sand, etch-prime (available in aerosol) , spray them black. There are self-etching aerosol paints in different colours. Key is to use a good precleaner after sanding/before priming...gets the contaminants of the surface( grease from your fingers, dust, ect.), and gives the primer better adhesion.
Have a look in Napa or any automotive store for an adhesion promoter/primer. There are some available that are 'wet-on-wet'. Spray on , let it flash for 30 minutes, sanding.
Thanks alot guys, that helps clear things up!!
Key is to use a good precleaner after sanding/before priming.
So I have finally gotten around to sanding my mirrors, any suggestions for a precleaner.....brake cleaner, soapy water....??
Rubbing alcohol works well. Wipe on, wipe off.
Doesn't Mr Miyagi say that in those karate kid movies :icon_lol:
So after like...4 months I finished my mirrors. I think they turned out pretty good myself. Took some before after pics and for the hell of it one beside my dad's S10. Thanks for the help along the way guys!!

Should add, exhaust to come this week (hopefully), all I can say it's gonna be loud!!!
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Nice,they turned out really good!!:icon_cool:
Chrome to black

I had painted my mirror black on an older truck that was getting rust on the chome...after about a year the paint flaked a little...I did the sanding method with a primer.....I guess a early paint job isn't that bad.
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