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entering 17 miles of swamp land :

house relocated by Katrina :

Memphis, TN skyline :

end or beginning of the rainbow :

Rousch display cars in transit :

First snowstorm :

Some night pics of truck :

why you should always move from right lane when vehicle on shoulder :

Texas state troopers :

early evening :

Oklahoma Ice Storm

Small stretch of flooded road in Indiana yesterday.

Had to use YOUTUBE, PHOTOBUCKET wouldn't upload properly.

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Black Pearl said:
So do i nice and clear
It is amazing how the Canon S3 makes me look like I know what I am doing, most of these photos were snapped at 70mph.

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New porsche/truck crossover

Daytona Beach one hour before duals

What happens when trailer gets ahead of tow vehicle

Snapped this at the truck stop


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Black Pearl said:
and you didn't buy souvenirs at Daytona
Yes, I did. The first 3 times I stopped....

FirstTry said:
so really, who do you drive for???
Centre Line Transportation, my buddies company. Five trucks on the road right now.
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