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Pics of my 86 ranger and my 94 ranger

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I like the idea of the Bullitts, looks good!
Cool. They must be quick. I saw a Ranger with a 5.4 in it on youtube. It outran a lightning.
will see how fast both of them are come spring time the 94 is a auto just so the g/f can drive it and the 86 is a 5spd that has a lot of plans gonna lower it more and put 13" front brakes on it
Two good looking Rangers you have :happy-smiley-541:
winter they are indside the 86 i drove in the winter with some sweet snow tires and 400lbs of sand and it would go any were i wanted it to but only one winter for her now she is warm till spring
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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