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What do you think of this radio
AVIC-Z2(same as Z1 with new software)
In-Dash HDD Navigation and Multimedia AV Receiver with DVD
Thinking of changing my to this new unit
Here is some info:
Electronics sets a new standard in in-car navigation systems with the introduction of the new AVIC-Z2 next generation in-car navigation system, which utilizes new point addressing technology and a newly released map database from Tele Atlas. The AVIC-Z2 also features a host of entertainment options, including audio and video, easy to use graphic interface, and connectivity to other devices including iPod music players and Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

The AVIC-Z2 is the first system to utilize the Tele Atlas MultiNeta database, which delivers comprehensive digital maps of the U.S., and includes over 45 million addresses for improved addressing and directions.

A unique feature of the AVIC-Z2 is its ability to "learn". It learns frequently traveled roads, and incorporates them into the preferences of suggested routes when applicable. It also has a Smart Routing System, Lane Information, Traffic Information, 3D Landmarks, Detailed city maps for 60 U.S. cities, advanced voice recognition, enhanced voice guidance, Bluetooth capability, and a touchscreen.

Entertainment features of the Pioneer AVIC-Z2 is the 10GB harddrive that allows you to store a library of your favorite music, and can simultaneously allow you to listen to music and rip and store it at the same time. The system also plays DVD video and DVD-R/-RW discs for rear seat passengers, while allowing the driver to listen to AM/FM/XM/Sirius satellite radio or other external sources. It can play back CDs with mp3 files, and has enhanced iPod capabilities.

The Pioneer AVIC-Z2 has a suggested price of $2200 and will arrive at retailers in April 2007.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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