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My car was built in Mexico ('79 Fairmont Squire) and when we moved back in 1999, from living and working in Guadalajara, MX, we brought the car to Canada's coldest Province, Manitoba. They use salt very rarely here. I'm in the process of restoring the car completely, including changing from a 302 V8 to a 3.3L (200 ci) Inline Six (It's Prairie country here).

I've removed and restored all the wood trim (fake-grained aluminum) and removed all the electrical to merge Cruise control and other key circuits from the donor car (1978 Fairmont Sedan).

The interior was just OK, so I got a nice velours interior from a 1982 Zephyr 4 door with front reclining buckets.

This is my second Fairmont, and my 4th Wagon. I had a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker Town and Country, back in the late 80's, and a 1976 Plymouth Wagon after that.

Looking forward to being here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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