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Problem with 4wd system????

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4x4 hi and 4x4 lo lights flashing on dash.

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Stockers are on, what about edge?
First thing I did was return to stock to make sure problem wasn't edge related.
Will this also fix the slippage problem?
No codes on Edge, but truck didn't do this on the way home this afternoon.
Could it be temperature related?
It has to be faulty sensor
Called local dealer today, they never heard of such a problem so now I have to wait til the problem comes back.
Figures the only time all winter that I can get away with losing the truck for a week and I can't get it fixed.
I know that my 4x4 lo light doesn't come on when I turn the s/w to that position..
Is that a problem?
Is it engaging?
With 4x4 lo, I don't see not having a light being an issue it's pretty obvious when left in 4x4 lo.
Probably just a burnt bulb.
Edge plugged back in, same temperature as Saturday but no problem now.
I know whatever this is probably won't act up again til month 37 of my 36 month warranty.
1 - 10 of 18 Posts
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