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Quick question about some rot

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I was under my truck to look at something today and noticed some rot. Since everything is caked with snow, it is hard to tell the extent. The truck is a 94 f150 supercab. The metal that is rotted is the part that the body mounts are bolted to just behind the front bumper, below the rad. Because of the would not have helped.
What I am looking to find out is if the metal that the mounts connect to can be replaced(is it bolted in?)??
The truck does not have large amounts of rust and this is the only bad rot that I've found. Never saw it when buying the truck. I will also add that the rot appears to outside of both front mounts but I'm sure the whole section will need to be addressed. The frame is solid with no I am hoping that I can simply replace a cross member or something of that nature...
Can someone give me some Idea of what I am looking at.
Appreciate any help
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The part that is rusty is called a rad support, it bolts in and is available aftermarket, it is a fair amount of work to change it but its not an overly hard job, just time consuming. It is a very common area on those trucks to rust.

Hope this helps, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask and Ill do my best to help.
I have the same problem on my truck :icon_sad:, the mechanic I spoke to said they cost around $100, good luck!
Thanks for the posts guys.....I've learned that it is indeed the rad support and it will likely take me at least a whole day if not more to complete the task. I found a couple of threads on the subject at and I suspect that the front of the Bronco would be quite similar to the f-150.
I usually check the price on one of those online parts suppliers. I find their prices close to what I will pay if I buy it a local parts store. Partsource(owned by Canadian Tire) is usually not bad...and they beat any price by 10%.
Thanks again
Yes the Bronco front end will be the same, good luck on the job.
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