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I went to some audio store in woodbine mall and this guy was telling me that the 06 f150 had a pre amp or somthing like that for the speakers.. cuz i asked him to install my amp proffesionaly.. he was saying it wud cost extra cuz it has an amp already blah blah.. i dont know if thats true.. any1 heard about that?..:icon_question:

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No its not true
unless you have audio file system
Here are you colours
Radio 12v + = lt. green/purple
Radio Ground = black and black/lt. green
Radio Ignition = pink/black or lt. green/yellow
Radio Illumination = lt. blue/red (dimmer)
Factory Amp Turn-on = dk. green/purple (This is the subwoofer amplifier turn on lead. The subwoofer and amp are in the driver side rear corner of the cabin. The subwoofer speaker wires are brown/orange (+), and red/black (-) at the radio harness.)
Power Antenna = N/A
LF Speaker +/- = orange/lt. grn - lt. blue/wht
RF Speaker +/- = white/lt. grn - dk. green/org
LR Speaker +/- = gray/lt. blue - tan/yellow
RR Speaker +/- = orange/red - brown/pink

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