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  1. DO NOT join the site just to post your ad. Try eBay. New members will not be allowed to post in this forum until they have been registered for 15 days AND have minimum 15 posts. before you are able to make a listing

  2. DO NOT post Commercial Ads. If you would like to post Commercial Ads, you must become a Affiliate member

  3. DO NOT "piggyback" your ad on someone else's thread. If you have an ad to place, start your own thread

  4. DO NOT respond to an ad unless you have a legitimate question to ask. Frivolous replies may be removed

  5. DO NOT post a thread saying you are THINKING about selling something. Classifieds section is only for posting actual items, that are actually for sale, and have an actual asking price.

  6. DO NOT "bump" your ad more than once in a 24 hour period

  7. DO include a price. All ads MUST have an asking price. You can always include "Or Best Offer", but a price needs to be provided

  8. DO provide a detailed description of your item, including what the item is for, if applicable.

  9. DO provide a method of contact. (It is not recommended that you post your e-mail address in a public post. Instead, make sure you have PMs and E-Mails enabled on the site, and interested parties can use the built-in functions to contact you.)

  10. DO reply to your thread to let us know that your ad is no longer needed.

**Please use the attached form for posting For Sale items**

*****The owners/staff of are not responsible for transactions that take place as a result of using this forum.*****
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Not open for further replies.