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well took my buddy on a road trip too whistler too check out an offroad rally. i didnt nter my truck cauze its gettin a rebuild right now. glad i didnt cauze it was a lame comp with no real compettion. so we wnet exploring.. found a ripline, a real nice place too come back and camp.... heres soem pics...

headin up...

beer and breaky..

couple scenery shots...

and old international..

this was the coolest rig there...

so yeah it got boring so we left... in search of trails...

came up too a river... real nice place tooo come back and camp..

i'll continue next post... cant post all my pics in one psot...
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found a zipline that runs across the river... gots too caome back for sure now..btw.. thats not me..

nother river shot..

this where camp would be next time up...nice soft sand..

and some mountain shots on the way back down...

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nice pics


Wow! Scenic, epsecially the pilsner and eggs.
very nice pics. whistler is a sad place, the number of nice vehicles that have been smashed and just plain buried up there is depressing.
wow nice pictures
very impressive
One day I will visit BC

wow nice pictures
very impressive
One day I will visit BC

and we'll meet up for a beer.
WOW.....those are some AWESOME pics:t-up:

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