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Sad sad news for the London area meets...

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Last sunday was London Hooters last day of buisness, that is all too choked up to talk about................WHY?:icon_cry:



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This doesn't surprise me after being there a couple of times and wasn't busy during the weekends. If I remember right hearing Tim saying something about this Hooters wouldn't last much longer in that location!!!!
London is a horrible restaurant market, they had a great daytime/weekday location just no demand.
I always thought the food was good, they had their glitches when they first opened but last couple times food was good.
The times I was there the food was good and I couldn't say much for our waitress and her jokes!!!!
It's always a sad day when there's no HOOTERS
^^^So much bigger when you go Metric!

I'd eat that.....OOPS I mean there :icon_lol:
it was really good when they 1st open the location the girls they had from windsior were way better then the london girls
^^^We had 2 different waitresses that had great attitudes every time we were there, as a matter of fact if we didn't see them then we would walk out and eat at the Salty Pickle in St.Thomas instead.
WOW!!!! i tried to find a smiley face guy worthy of how HOT this girl is, but i couldn't, so


too bad they closed hooters, but i have to agree the food sucks (wings anyway) and it's pricy!!!!!
but still worth it to go see some amazing looking women!!! i guess i'll have to order food at the rippers from now on....lmao!! kidding btw!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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