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Satellite Radio help

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I have been thinking about getting one and not sure what to look for and what is involved on getting one!!!! My head unit is kinda old BUT I believe it is setup for satellite radio.
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Is Nascar a must,
If yes than you have 1 choice


Stiletto 100 SL100
Price: $449.99

Stiletto 10
Price: $299.99

Sportster 4
Price: $169.99

Sportster Replay with Car Kit
Price: $149.99

Sportster 3
Price: $139.99

Starmate 4
Price: $129.9

Here are more common choices
The first 2 are portable
the last 4 are mostly use in vehicles
Smoke went through 4 of them he will tell you more
I like portability

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NASCAR isn't a must BUT would be great to have and the main thing I like is music while traveling to shows and other trips.Looking at my radio manual its says it XM ready BUT I guess now that probably won't manner if Sirius & XM merge!!!!
This is correct
I would check with Ford if they have plug-in module for it

I have updated my head unit to a Pioneer back in 02!!!!!
Gordon you're a smart man! :drnk: Pioneer is the only way to go for head units! :thmbup:

WOW....its been awhile since I have been called a smart man!!!!!

I have had Pioneer in most my past vehicles and also had Kenwood in a couple. I have had no problem with either one of them!!!!!
Your PIO manual should tell you what you will need

FYI, I come across the Streamer GT unit from time to time for $49 USD. This is the US version of the Starmate.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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