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Seized Sparkplugs

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Are any of you having this problem? I have 4.2L V6 in truck, broke 4 plugs but my mechanic was able to get them out without to much trouble. Did some surfing and found this is a widespread problem.
Da Bull
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Are you guys having problems with seized sparkplugs? My 97 F150 with 4.2L V6, had a check engine light last week, brought it in and it had a misfire at #1 plug. Mechanic said all the plugs were seized. He got them all out but broke 4 in the process. Did some surfing and found this a widespread problem. Any ideas?
Hope your mechanic used anti-seize on them when he install the new ones
And yes Ford does have a problem with some of them.
Some customer oriented dealers do recommend to customers to have them checked at customer cost (I think), before warranty runs out.
Just to avoid future problems for their customers

Thinking people don;t torque spark plugs accordingly to spec ??????
as well use anti seize compound

PS: Da bull welcome aboard the forums theres a thread concerning this mattter
Search Search Search :)
Manual says to change plugs at 100k, seems to me that is a bit too long. Should we changing them at 50 to 60k? Yes we did use anti seize!
Manual says to change plugs at 100k, seems to me that is a bit too long. Should we changing them at 50 to 60k? Yes we did use anti seize!
Thats smart move with anti seize
I would do it every 60k or 2 years, that is my plan
Same with oil changes my manual tells me every 12k I do it every 10k
Don't forget Manual will only give you Min requirements
to keep your warranty intact, only.
you where one of the lucky ones, some of the guys I know had to pull their heads to get it fixed

shit i guess i am gonna have to do mine asap since im at 63k ,some guys on the f150 site are using some kinda of penetrating lube on the plugs to get them loose before they try to wrench on them,i guess they pre-soak them ,then try to break them loose
I also have 03 Crown Vic with a 4.6L,with only 42k on the clock. Should I be thinking to change the plugs in about 25k?:icon_question:
I would


this would be up to you
will you keep both vehicles for a long time?

Nothings worse then haveing aluminum heads. My heat stops when I feel the plug get really tight half way out, I sit their for about 30 minutes turning the plug in and out trying to save me from pulling the head off.

One time I could do anything but keep turning the plug out and almost cried when I saw all the threads come with the plug...Customer was mad and didnt understand their was nothing I could of done different
I had 2 siezed plugs when I changed them about 2 months ago. Motor is a supercharged 4.6L with 180,000km on it.

They would not come out and if I put any more torque on them I would have snapped them. I soaked both holes with PB Blaster for a week and the next time I tried it the plugs came out just fine.
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