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Shipping a UFO

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My brother sent me this from a Dodge site he's on. Some interesting local stuff here. Most other places I've posted this didn't sem to know anything about it.

This is one of only two Avrocars ever built. It was originally designed as a two person aircraft with an operational ceiling of 10,000 feet and a top speed of 900 miles per hour. The Air Force & Army were looking at the vehicle based on its vertical take off & landing capabilities. The one in the picture is tail number AV 7055. 7055 was used for wind tunnel testing and was never flown. The saucer is equipped with three jet engines arranged in a triangle pattern with the pilot sitting to the outside of one of the engines. The intakes for the engines are on top of the saucer (where the lifting rig is attached) with a majority of the thrust being shot out of the bottom of the craft, and a small portion being used for directional control out of the sides of the saucer.

The experimental aircraft failed miserably as it was clumsy and never generated enough lift to really fly. The one flying aircraft never exceeded an altitude of three feet during test flights. The flying avrocar is still owned by the US Army and is sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Virginia. Both are scheduled to eventually be placed on display with AV 7055 with the USAF and the Army’s going to the US Army Transportation Museum located at Ft. Eustis VA.
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That is cool, I knew it was all the
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