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shop manuals for EX

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wish to get my hands on shop manuals for EX.Any ideas where can I find it?
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Dzieki :)

I will sticky this as this is some great info

Didn't visit here for a while,thanks for info.Got hard copy of manuals of e-bay.
BTW I see some polish fellas here or am I dreaming?
As for parts we are getting ripped off on everything here in Canada so
I'd look for deals in US. Good luck.:icon_smile:
BTW,I went to see that site in Poland ,I'm pleasantly surprised.
Ill agree with the Ford Parts Rip-off... I Called Gill at Keystone for the handle to open the rear Hatch on my Explorer, He said it was 100 + Ford fast Parts was cheaper at 86 something.. He could bring it in for me, although when all was said and done, was actually going to cost more than buying it from him... That was also Using my company account there
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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