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Should I Buy This Toy

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Hey guys, I posted this last year, and got a few bites, and one offer, but it wasn't what i was after. As the title says, it is a 1983 ranger with a 429 big block in it, roll pan, duak exhaust, C6 transmission with ratchet shifter, under hood chrome, shaved handles, functional scoop, etc. I am looking to get 4000$ for it, or a trade fo somethign a little less crazy, somethign along the lines of an entry level sport bike, a foxbody mustang, a compact with around 180-200 hp, etc.

Anyways hit me with e-mail for pics or questions
[email protected]

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my buddy and I used to put 454's into S10's and that's what scares me about it. We did one swap and we never did get the thing to go straight! It would only do donuts!! And I do mean only!:FP:


actually i got some pics of it in an email and it's an ugly baby blue color!:cry2:


1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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