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Slack in the power train 2014 Ford F250


Has anyone experienced this problem. :icon_question:

I have a new 2014 factory ordered F250, 6.2L, 6 spd tran., 4.30 rear ratio. It has less than 9,000 klm.
Since new, it has displayed a characteristic which is not only annoying but also concerning.
On take off you can feel the powertrain pickup some slack and give a slight tug.... rather than having a smooth acceleration. Not sure what is the cause, lose engine mount?; lose transmission mount?; slack in the drive shaft?; U-joint issues?
At 3,000 klm I brought it back to the original dealer, test drive, full transmission diagnostic, reviewed FORD bulletins for any tran'y adjustment updates all checked out. Report came back cannot locate customer complaint. (I had asked to go along for the test drive, but this was not allowed errr :icon_cry:)
At 9,000 klm I took the truck to another FORD dealer, this time I was allowed to go with the technician and explained/demonstrated the issue.
I was told this is a characteristic of this years model.

Having owned several new vehicles (first FORD) I am suspect that this is normal for a new 2014 FORD F250.
Any input on this issue would be appreciated.


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Only thing close to that was the driveshaft "clunk" issue I had on my '11 Raptor, sounds much the same, although mine would sometimes do it when braking as well.

It was a fairly common issue, there was a TSB issued , and the driveshaft got replaced no charge, but I did some digging around and found the actual TSB before I went in.

If there doesn't seem to be anyone else having issues, it could be a one off, or it just could be something with that configuration.

If you see another 2014 F250 on a lot, take it for a test drive and see if has the same issues.
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