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Some pics for you's

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The Ride as it was before the body mods

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Very nice,
You mention body mods
What did you Mod?


and as it is now,hope to have it out for the summer and the body mods done

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the big ones done the suicide doors, have speedbumps for the taunocover to be mounted caddy tails,navigator centre piece to go in tailgate shave the emblems and fuel door

have had all the parts for like the last 3 years just owneing your own house and single takes up much of the finances so the projects been on hold a few times and is again just had to get another truck on the road as my ranger died last week
Are those doors leagal,
That will look cool

yeah there legal, most people just leave em as is but im wiring the door up so when its in gear you cant open the door a microswitch will use the popers to open the doors aswell
looks good!:t-up: Where abouts are you located?


Unfortunatly im in Brantford, but i grew up in the Waterford/Simcoe/Port Dover area
used to be known as CraneGuy on FTW?:slzy:


HAHA yeah untill some dumbass from cali hacked the site and my name was blocked i still cant log in under that name

im also on FP but dont get to the site much im on to many sites haha
thought it was you!:t-up: I'm banned from FP:lol: so I don't go there much either!:IAG: . Trucks looking really good. Lots of changes since the last time I saw pics of. last I remember you were talking about Alberta and if i remember right you had an accident with one of your cranes on the highway??? Whatever happened with that?


MAN.....I thought that truck looked familiar to me when I seen your pics!!!!
haha yeah i did the alberta thing for 10months not all its cracked up to be really big on trying to inforce nonunion out there plus i was workin for a company run by satan himself so i came back home lots of work here anyways

that little accedent i thought i was good on, it was the fridge the guy droped on the QEW and the 2 cars i hit trying to get stoped to avoid the fridge 2 days short of the statue of limitations run out the one car decided to sue for damages and medical still got to go to court and all company is fighting it there medical is a crock its the 2mil there sueing me for im concerned about but the company i was working for at the time says dont worry there insurance will cover it if it comes to that so i wait....could be years and years before its settled
the people that sued are probably hoping the company will offer some sort of settlement before it goes to court. Their way of getting free money withoput having to fight for it! You still doing the crane thing?


yeah the company plans to offer a cash amount but it wont be anywheres close to the amount there sueing for but the company feels strong and so do there lawyers its a go nowhere case they have no claim

yeah im still doing the crane thing, working for Latta Crane Rental now
Lookin Good!:t-up:
surprised you're not down here in Windsor now with the big Casino addition going on. Crane's everywhere!


oh yeah ? hmmm will look into it... been at a steel mill for a few months company has a long term contract there its steady but not alot of overtime and i like overtime lol
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