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Some Vacation Pictures....

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Randoms :

Daytona International Speedway :

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We opted to rent a house instead of hotel rooms :

Stumpled across this :

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Stopped by Raceworld USA(Micheal Waltrip Racing) :

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That's all, still sorting took over 600 pictures.ho-mol:
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Thats some great shoots
Well done
That daytona truck is, and it looks amazing
BTW how was the weather up there

Tim....those are GREAT photos from your trip!!! I remember that wreck by Mikey at Bristol!!!! Looks like you had a great time down there and nice looking house you rented!!!

Weather : Rained most of the way down, clear all week(except FL daily Tstorm), rained half the way home.

Gordon, that wreck was pre me being a fan. But those pictures show how safe it was back than for the driver and also show Bristol pre 150000+ fans at each race(notice the grass).

Biz, I have alot more pictures and some videos of the house for you to see since you may be interested in the future.

Otherwise I have about 150 pictures from Animal Kingdom, and the rest of my pictures are me playing with the zoom and family stuff.
wow.. holy wicked awesoem pics.... thanks
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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