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Check out rules and regulations Section A
Competition Trucks
All MTRA drivers must have a valid MTRA Drivers License. This license must be checked prior to each event.
A Class “A” driver license is required when driving in a Certified Points or Purse Race Series and a Class “B” for all other types of performances.
Driver member will submit the normal MTRA dues and a copy of their current CDL or CDL equivalent physical when applying for their yearly MTRA Driver License or Drivers License renewal.
Class “B” Drivers must execute 10 performances, in a MTRA Certified Vehicle, witnessed by at least one MTRA Class “A” driver at each performance. The final application must have at least 3 different Class “A” Driver signatures, (you cannot have one driver sign all 10 performances). The MTRA Board of Directors will then evaluate the application and decide whether to issue the license or to require more tests. As a Class “A” driver it will be your duty to watch Class “B” drivers and evaluate their driving. It would be a good idea to give constructive criticism.
New drivers will have to perform a prescribed driving test, in an MTRA Certified Vehicle, with 3 MTRA Class “A” Drivers present. The driving test will consist of an in cab familiarity test, vehicle parking, stopping and turning demonstration, and then driving over cars several times at different speeds. The Class “A” Drivers must endorse this performance. The application must then be sent to the MTRA Board of Directors for their approval or disapproval.
1. A current CDL or CDL equivalent [Europe HGV medical required] physical is required and a copy must accompany each year’s application for an MTRA Driver License renewal. Current physical means a physical at least every (2) two years.
2. All MTRA drivers will be subjected to a random Drug testing. If their name is picked, they will be informed and will be given 48 hours to comply with the drug test at one of the 2500 test stations across the country. An independent agency will randomly pick driver names. Non-compliance will be considered an admission of guilt and their MTRA Drivers License and Membership will be canceled. Drivers can be called for drug testing more than once a year.
3. Approved helmets are mandatory. All competitors must use an (new spec.) SFI 31.1 full or open face helmet, or (old spec.) SFI 31.2A (Snell SA) rated full-face helmet or SFI 31.1A (Snell SA) rated open-face helmet. (SA = Special Application Nomex lining Competition Helmet), SA2000 SNELL rated helmet are also legal. SFI 41.2, SFI 41.1 or SNELL M, motorcycle helmets are not allowed. MTRA recommends helmet restraints. (Straps from underarms to sides of helmet.) Full-face helmets are highly recommended. Helmets must be sent back to the manufacturer for re-inspecting after being dropped or hitting any hard object.
(In 2005 the new SFI helmet specs are combining open and closed face helmets to 31.1 for Flame Resistant Motorsports Helmets and 41.1 for Motorsports Helmets (non-flame resistant). The new spec will also have a year of the current specs and it will change every 5 years. New helmet must be a SFI 31.1; the 41.1 will not be legal for a Monster Truck Driver.)
4. Eye protection is required during performances. Goggles and helmet shields that are approved for motor sports competition are recommended Windshields are always required.
5. Approved Motor sport neck collar is required unless the driver is wearing a Hans or similar Device.
6. A Multi-layer fire retardant safety suits with a SFI rating of 3-2A/15 and shoes and gloves with a SFI rating of 3.3/5 are required at all times. No tennis shoes allowed. MTRA recommends the use of a head sock when running on Methanol (Alcohol).
7. Drivers must operate vehicles in a safe manner at all times. The show or race director has the right to stop and disqualify any driver not operating his or her vehicle in a safe manner.
7b) Vehicles should not drive over 5MPH except during performances.
7c) Anytime the engine is running a participant should be in the drivers’ seat with complete control of the vehicle.
8. All contestants and the pit crew must be clean, neat and professionally attired when appearing before the public.
9. Drivers must be at least 18 years old, or be approved by the MTRA Board and have parental or guardian written permission

10. No one is allowed in the performance area during an event, except track officials and a minimum number of crewmembers.
11. Before an MTRA member can perform, the exhibition area must be cleared of all spectators and participants.
12. Drivers must, at minimum, have a seatbelt on at all times the vehicle is moving with 66” tires.
13. The driver has the final decision on whether he or she can perform the race or exhibition in a safe manner. MTRA will back the driver 100% if he or she cannot fulfill his or her contractual agreement because of a safety reason.
14. Consumption of intoxicating agents or drugs before or during an event by a driver or his or her pit crew will be grounds for disqualification of driver. If the driver is found violating this rule he or she is subject to suspension from MTRA.
MTRA initiated and then required the use of RII’s on all Monster Trucks
to enhance the safety of Spectators and Participants.
15. RII receivers and transmitters are required on all Monster Trucks. (“RII” denotes Remote Ignition Interrupt)
16. RII’s must be setup so the engine will not operate unless the RII is on.
17. MTRA members cannot participate in an event unless all vehicles involved, within the Monster Truck portion of the performance or race, are equipped with RII’s in working order.
18. RII’s must be tested before the event and each round of a race, or performance.
19. Anytime a vehicle moves above idle speed, a qualified operator must control the RII transmitter. This includes testing; show introductions, race return-lane time, parade laps, etc.
20. RII’s must always be switched to the Right channel. Only when performing or racing in the Left lane can the switch be set to the Left channel. After racing or performing in the left lane the RII must be switched back to the RIGHT channel. If you have a Center RII channel, it can only be used when a promoters RII transmitter is not present and your RII transmitter is used.
21. MTRA recommends one person for each RII; this means one qualified RII operator controlling each vehicle.
22. Anyone altering or bypassing the RII receiver will be suspended. Resetting of RII after being stopped, before the RII operator or official gives you permission to start, is the same as bypassing and is subject to suspension.
23. The RII Light must be on or above the dash and visible to the track official in front of the vehicle. It must be an Auto Meter Pro Light or an equivalent light, approved by MTRA Board, with a red lens. When applicable a second light will be a lane indicator, right is red and left is yellow. The new Audiax RII comes with both Pro Lights. The lights must be, (two feet apart minimum), mounted at least one foot to each side of the center of the windshield.
24. Your RII number must be visible on the right side of the windshield or fender for easy visibility of the race official. It must be a 2” by 2” number. Receiver antennas must be vertically mounted.
Note for RII operators: Sometimes it is prudent for the RII operator not to stop (kill) a vehicle when it is in an awkward situation and let the driver try to power out of that bad situation. This can only be done when spectators and participants are not in danger.
Note: Promoter transmitters are available for rent from MTRA. RII wiring diagrams are available upon request.
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