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I have a 04 Screw w/ about 95000 kms (60000 miles...on the 5.4L, 3.73 unsure of the exact tranny, but 4spd/ w OD) and I am getting a strange miss/shudder. I seems to only happen when I am going downhill at about 110km/h @ 1800 rpm ish in cruise control. (obviously in OD) At first I thought I had gone over a big frost heave, but it happened again and the last trip. It accelerated just fine and if I keep my foot lightly on the gas it appears to go away. I did read a thread in the tranny section about the low grade misfire and replacing egr valve, COPS and plugs.... what I do not know is if it is more transmission or engine it does "feel" like it is coming out of the rear end. Any ideas?

title should say OR TCC
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