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Anyone here done it to their NA 5.4l V8? Looking to see what kits are available for the 2V tritons. Maybe a wrecked Lightning for parts?
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Quite a few choices out there, cheapest way is to look for a wrecked Lightning/Harley/Roush or find a guy with a Lightning that has upgraded to a KB and weasel the used Eaton.
Or go brand new Roush/KB/Whipple, there are quite a few manufacturers.
Thank you for the link. I need a list if I decide to take that route if you don't mind.....or you can fill in what I am missing. From what I understand the heads and cams are identical to my stock 5.4l but I have to lower the psi (pulley) due to a higher compression compared to the lightnings.

- injectors (42lbs?)
- fuel pump
- lightning maf
- harmonic balancer
- lightning intake
- intercooler
- custom tune for the pcm
- blower belt
- gasket kit
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im workin my way there... i have done bigger furl rails, bigger fuel injectors.. msd ingition, headers and full side exit exhaust. it alos has the diablo programmer...the problems i ahve experinced so far is i am still runnin outta fuel at the redline. gonna add an aftermarket fuel pump too help with the fuel delivery problem. if that works than i am pretty much ready for the charger. i dont believ in just boltin a charger onto a strock motor. if you want too achieve the full benefit of a charger or turbo there are issues tha need too be addressed. like fuel delivery, exhaust removal, timing, spark etc...

tell ya one thing i cant wait too install it. i'll most likely be going with the ford motorpsort one..


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I have browsed the madenterprise site a few was there that I decided to do an efan conversion on my truck by using a Ford taurus fan. I am just waiting for a lightning to show up at one of the junkyards and see if I can barter them down in price for everything, If not then I'll look for the just the SC and full upper+lower intakes at consider the madenterprises supplimental kit.
Im a bit curious about doing something like a harley swap in mine. But without being able to find much for wrecks ive pretty much ruled that out and im probably gonna go to a roush when i decide to take the next step. Although im thinking of just buying a weekend warrior to spend my money on and get my HP fix.
up here @ cobra motor sports dealership you can get complete kit a friend did it to his stang had it done in 2 days thing is organize , be extremely clean and read instructions other then that no some one that can tune it after then your off to the races :) by the way nothing likr hereing the whine of it even @ 8 pounds AWesome

Hi.I am new to this club,and I saw your question.I have a 2002 FordF150E/C Stage2Roush the only option it did not have was the optional Vortech s/c that ROUSH used in 02.After some research I found what was used and installed the kit on my truck and did some updating on the computer/injectors/exhaust system and what a difference.You have to decide what you want to do with the s/c are you going to tow or daily driver with some top end giddyup or the odd pass down the strip,it all makes a difference.Soon as I can fiqure out how to post pic on this site I will send in pics of the ROUSH
You have to decide what you want to do with the s/c are you going to tow or daily driver with some top end giddyup or the odd pass down the strip,it all makes a difference.

Why not get 3 custom tunes and a X cal2 or X cal 3 and you can have the truck set up for preformance, towing, or economy and you have the best of all worlds

I agree with the tuning part,but if you have your engine set up like I do You cannot tow with it even setup on the economy mode,Mine is setup for mid to top end and I have to run 93 or better octane.I love wasting these young kids with their ricers.Here is a saying I saw at the last show and shine I was at."MY FORD STARTER MAKES MORE TORQUE THAN YOUR HONDA" Whatta think
Well since we are sidetracked.... VTEC Video
Well since we are sidetracked.... VTEC Video

hahahahha WTF

hahahahha WTF
I'd do a lightning swap or a procharger for the 2V motors. lightning swap if you want a flat powerband and procharger for highest peak horsepower. The procharger is also very easy to install. A bit harder for the lightning swap.
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